About German Road Safety

Many traffic rules in Germany are new to tourists and people who have recently arrived in the country, and certain road traffic situations are different from those in their country of origin. The German Road Safety Council [Deutsche Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR)], with the support of German Statutory Accident Insurance [Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV)], is therefore developing two print media as well as a website and smart phone app under the joint title "German Road Safety". The main aim is to familiarise refugees with the road signs, basic traffic rules and therefore be able to move safely on roads, cycle paths or footpaths. Ultimately, this project addresses anyone who wants to be mobile on Germany's roads – locals and immigrants.

German Road Safety Council [Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR)]

The DVR was founded in 1969 and has set itself the main objective of improving the safety of everyone on the roads. The association coordinates the diverse activities of its more than 200 members, which include the Ministries of Transport at both federal and state levels, the statutory accident insurance institutions, the German Traffic Watch [Deutsche Verkehrswacht], automotive clubs, car manufacturers and insurance companies. The DVR develops campaigns, programmes and measures and continuously adapts them to new requirements and academic findings.

German Social Accident Insurance [Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV)]

The DGUV is the joint umbrella organisation for the nine commercial employers' liability insurers and the 27 public sector accident insurers in Germany. The main concerns of statutory accident insurance are accident prevention, as well as rehabilitation and compensation for employees who have had an accident at work. Together, employers' liability insurers and public sector accident insurers insure around 70 million people against the consequences of accidents at work, commuting accidents and occupational illness.